Baby blocksUtah Email Immunization Reminder Service

The email immunization reminder service is a computer-based service that generates an e-mail message to parents regarding which immunizations are recommended for children two months through eighteen months of age. The information provided is based on the Recommended Childhood Immunization Schedule from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

It is not necessary to provide the name of the parent or child. Only an e-mail address and the birth date of the child are necessary to receive the e-mail
immunization reminder. To view recommendations
for older children and adolescents click here.

The information collected is used solely for this e-mail immunization reminder and will not be made available for any other use. The immunization reminder service will automatically stop after the child reaches eighteen months of age and all information will be deleted. The Utah Immunization Program is not responsible for technical difficulties with internet service providers or e-mail service providers that may prevent delivery of the e-mail reminder.  

Utah Email Immunization Reminder Service is no longer available.

Click here to send an e-mail to update your e-mail address. Please include name of child, if previously given, and birth date.