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Authorized Yellow Fever Vaccination Centers (only authorized travel clinics can give yellow fever vaccinations)

An authorized yellow fever provider site is a site designated by the Utah Immunization Program where the physician, physician’s assistant, or nurse practitioner (with prescription writing privileges) or formally designated (in writing) representatives may order and administer yellow fever vaccinations. Authorized providers must follow recommended vaccination guidelines and be fully knowledgeable concerning the procedures necessary for issuing valid International Certificates of Vaccination and Prophylaxis (ICVP).

Click here for a list of authorized yellow fever vaccine provider sites in Utah.

A provider must meet the following criteria to be issued a yellow fever/uniform stamp:

  • The healthcare provider must be licensed or otherwise authorized for administration of vaccines under Utah State licensure laws and professional license certification (i.e., MD, DO, PA or NP). The uniform stamp number is issued to the individual signing the application, not the site, and is issued under that license number (unless the site is a public health facility).
  • The provider applying for the stamp and all personnel who will be administering the yellow fever vaccine under his/her supervision must complete the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Yellow Fever Training course and submit a certificate of completion of participation or certificate of credit hours to verify course completion. These certificates of completion should be submitted with the signed yellow fever application.
  • The yellow fever/uniform stamp agreement must contain the original signature of a licensed provider who is taking responsibility for the administration of the yellow fever vaccine at that site.
  • The healthcare provider must be able to meet all conditions of the yellow fever/uniform stamp agreement.
  • The healthcare facility must be capable of maintaining the recommended storage temperatures and following proper handling procedures for the yellow fever vaccine. In accordance with the application, two weeks of temperature logs verifying the stability of the clinic’s refrigerator should be provided with the application.
  • The healthcare provider must not have violated the yellow fever/uniform stamp agreement or other requirements established by the Utah Immunization Program.

Sample Yellow Fever/Uniform Stamp Agreement

Please contact the Utah Immunization Program at 801-538-9450 directly to apply for yellow fever/uniform stamp certification. An agreement and introductory materials will be sent to your site.


The timeline for approval is approximately four weeks pending receipt of the signed yellow fever/uniform stamp agreement, temperature logs, and certificates of completion of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Yellow Fever Training Course for all vaccinators at your site. Applications will be evaluated and applicants will be informed of pending approval or non-approval by mail. Yellow fever reference materials and other international travel information relating to disease risk and vaccination will be mailed to you with the final approval letter. Once authorized, an official stamp will be ordered and mailed to the stamp owner. Upon receipt of the official stamp, the yellow fever vaccine may be administered.

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